Marketing Your Home

Preparing Your Home for Marketing

Every property can benefit from proper preparation for marketing. Much as you would wash and detail a vehicle prior to selling, preparing a property for marketing is a critical step to selling for the best Price and Terms.

Properly preparing your property for marketing sets the stage to capture the attention and interest of qualified buyers, allowing them to create an emotional bond and motivating them to view your property in person. Once they are at your property, the preparation serves to keep their attention, strengthen their emotional bond, and motivate them to make reasonable offers.

Therefore, we apply our staging and market preparation skills to make sure that your property looks fantastic in person and we apply our marketing skills to make sure your property looks amazing online and in print.

It’s very important that the marketing accurately matches what is found at the property and the property matches the marketing. Said differently, we can make a property in need of repair look great online, attracting the attention of buyers, but if a buyer comes to the property and finds that its actual condition is not how it was represented online, you will either get no, or low, offers from that buyer. We will work with you to make sure the property and the marketing are in harmony, which will give you the greatest chance for reasonable offers from qualified, motivated buyers.

Generating Marketing Materials

Once your property is ready, we will then document the property through a variety of methods, depending upon our game plan and the specific needs of the property. This can include professional photography, video walk-thru tours, 3D tours, and drone images and video.

We will also write compelling narratives designed to help potential buyers create a strong emotional relationship with your property and explain its valuable features.

We will combine the images and video with the written narrative to create an exceptional listing presentation on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is distributed to literally thousands of websites, including all major 3rd party sites such as Zillow and Your property will appear in all searches that include matching parameters, such as price range, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, along with a myriad of other combinations of search parameters.

We will advertise your property extensively on social media using a variety of proprietary tech tools and an effective social media marketing strategy. Complete exposure on social media is arguably as important as your property appearing on major search sites. We will use social media to get potential buyers very excited about your property.

Print advertising and flyers are also created using the photos and narrative. This can include take-away sheets provided to potential buyers and direct mailers used to notify neighbors of the property details and availability. While print advertising to a great degree has been replaced by the Internet, we find that potential buyers still like to collect listing flyers and other printed materials to keep a record of which properties are of interest to them.

Keep in mind that these marketing materials are only a portion of what we do to ensure a comprehensive, engaging marketing strategy to market and sell your property. We have numerous automatic and manual lead capture systems that get tied to the marketing materials and effectively drive the attention of potential buyers to your property. We have high confidence that any potential buyer active in the market will have exposure to your property through our marketing efforts.